Liv Rooney Makeup Artist

what is honeyface?

what is honeyface?

honeyface is...

...a beautiful mountain setting with only the sounds of the rain on the tin roof or the birds in the nearby trees

...pure organic essential oils melting into your skin and filling the air with their sensual aromatics

...using natural and organic wildcrafted skincare products that soothe and refresh the delicate skin on your face

...a sensory experience that enages all of the senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell & taste

...a holistic approach to beauty, acknowledging that beauty truly is deeper than just skin

honeyface is facials with heart.

all honeyface facials have been created to invoke the senses. this experience will be different for everybody.

be it the beauty of the Huon Valley or the aromas of the pure essential oils. the sounds of the singing bowl and the feel of the hot towel on your face. or perhaps it is the delicious taste of the herbal tea.

you guide the process from start to finish by choosing an overarching word for your session. it's like choosing an inspirational word for the year but a lot less pressure. 

most importantly, honeyface facials are infused with love and positive vibes.