Liv Rooney Makeup Artist

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honeyface menu.

native bee. facial

let's take a ride on the back of a native bee - won't you join me?

let the native bee take you on a 45 minute journey to relaxation-town.

native bee is a facial for those short on time, using curated natural and organic beauty products tailored to your needs.

$60  intro price until July 2018

honey bee. facial

the flight of the honey bee is a little slower and a little more deliberate than the native bee - come now, jump on!

the honey bee will take you on a 60 minute ride, stopping off at all the flowers on the way of course. 

$90 intro price until July 2018

bumble bee. facial

steady now mr. bumble bee, we've got a long journey ahead of us.

the bumble bee is a decadent 90 minute pleasure-ride to discover renewal of the skin and relaxation of the mind. reward yourself or a very lucky mate/family member/barista with this luxurious treatment.

$120 intro price until July 2018